Monday, June 2, 2008

My Hometown

I come from Suzhou, China. It is a very beautiful city which is between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It has a long history.

The city has four old famous parks. Many people from different countries like to visit it every year. The parks style is old built and it has many kinds of flowers inside. Two of them have a small river inside that is very beautiful. The river is very clean and the colour is a special green. If you go there in Spring, you will enjoy it very much,because all the flowers will be opening.

Suzhou's climate reaches often an average temperature of 26-32c in the summer, and in the winter the minimum is 4-7c,and rain is very common.

One of the main industries is silk manufacture, you can see many colourful silk products in the shops. Many tourist like to buy many silk products for their friends as presents every year, because it isn't very expensive, they have beautiful Chinese styles.

Suzhou's food is a little bit sweet. If you like sweet food that's perfect. White fresh water fish, white fresh water prawns and small fresh water crabs are famous food found only in there. Many people like them. There have many restaurants around the Suzhou River. You can try different style food there. Also the price isn't very expensive. And you can enjoy the Suzhou River scenery. After the meal, you can take a walk around the Suzhou River with your friends.

Monday, May 12, 2008

If I were an animal....I'd be a cute koala

I love koalas very much. I'd like to be a cute koala because it doesn't think too much every day. And it spends a lot of time sleeping every day. Every human loves cute koalas. They catch the trees to sleep everyday and are very quiet. They don't fight and make a scence. They just give a peaceful and cute picture.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hong Kong

I like Hongkong very much because it is women's heaven. You can buy everything good there. The foods are very delicious, most of hotels are very beautiful, the traffic is very convenient and shopping is excellent. Hongkong's shops are duty free. So it is cheaper than in Australia. I remember last time, I went to HongKong and I bought many clothes and cosmetics. Because there are many shops in the streets,I spent about 10 hours windon- shopping with my girl friends. And in the evening, my friend invited my family to his boat to fish and have dinner. I love HongKong.

The Stolen Generation

Aboriginal people are Australian,too. We must respect them. God wants people love each other, not to have wars and hurt each other. So I think the Australian government did the wrong thing, because the best thing is for children to live with their own parents. The Australian government talking about '' Sorry'' that is right. Because that means it is giving some comfort to Aboriginal people.

Harmony Day

I think Harmony Day very interesting. Because Jesus said: love your neibours. People from many different countries live in Australia. We must love and respect each other. Also we can learn about different cultures and that is excellent. In Harmony Day , you could see people from different countries celebrating in the street. They were singing and dancing.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Melbourne is in the south-eastern corner of Australia. It is the capital of the state of Victoria. Its population is 3,345,000. Also it is a multicultural city which has many Chinese, Vietnamese, Greeks and Italians. Although the main language is English, some suburbs have Vietnamese and Chinese as the first language (English is the 2nd language for many residents).

Melbourne is the music and arts centre of Australia. It has many clubs and bars, many of which play live music and many colourful cafes are in the city with food from around world.

It is a large port which has many ships which visit it each day. The Grown Casino, which is in the city centre, is very large and new. Melbourne has art galleries, museums, a zoo (with most of Australia's famous animals and birds); beaches with clean-water cooler than in Sydney; the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It's climate often in the summer reaches an average temperature of 21-35c and in the winter the minimum is 2-3c, although snow is very uncommon. The temperature is variable it changes quickly.

Melbourne's main industries are car manufacture and clothing manufacture (clothing industry are decreasing as imports form China increase). They have a large public transport system-trains, buses and electric trans in the city centre(cheap). It has a large and wide river that name is Yarra River.The river runs though the city centre and has many cafes along side of Yarra River.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Report: Perth

Perth is a very beautiful city which is in the south-wet corner of Australia. It's the capital of Western Australia. It's one of the sunniest cities in the world. Perth has 8 hours sunshine per day. The weather is very comfortable.

Perth is the cultural centre of Western Australia. It has several museums and galleries and it has four universities where many students study. They must come from all over the state.

Perth has 1 340 000 people who are often friendly and relaxed. Many people love the outdoors, sports and travel. Perth has many clean and beautiful beaches. Many people go swimming, surfing, boating and fishing. They love the sun and the water very much. Many people cycle around the city at weekends. Perth is a flat city with many kilometre of cycle tracks.

Perth has often warm to hot weather in summer with an average temperature of 29c during the day and 17c at night. In winter it has cool and wet weather with an average temperature of 18c daytime and 9c at night.

Perth's main industries are tourism, grape growing, wine making, mining (opals, gold, diamonds).

Perth is a good place for travel.